How we produce rAAV?
We produce rAAV through the classic Triple-plasmids-transfection method, which was proven to be the most efficient and flexible, and thus is mostly used method.

Speed: We have the proprietary technics on rAAV packaging which are the major reasons for our high quality and processing speed. Our company is committed to deliver requested amount of AAVs in the highest quality in industry within 12 business days (Only in very extreme cases, gene expressed in rAAV vector affect the AAV production too much, then will add up to 4 days more and we will refund 5% as credit in your account).

Quality: The absolute AAV genome copies is quantified via Taqman qPCR, and the purity is determined by Coomassie-Blue staining. We deliver rAAV in lyophilized status, which we only found minimal loss of efficiency after recovery by pure water through in vitro, in vivo transduction experiments and Taqman qPCR. We deliver Guaranteed quantity of AAV, and in most case more than that, since we produce excessive scale in most case to keep the Guaranteed promise. 



How our service help you?

Simple and convenient:
1) Premade rAAVs: Optogenetics, Cre recombinase and Fluorescence-Protein/Control.  Ship the day on order before 2 PM or next day. Free Overnight-shipping.

2) Package your own plasmid: Send us plasmid (>0.5ug) in small 0.5 mL eppendorf tube, or clean filter paper wrapped with preservative film. We will need no more than 10 business days for packaging from the date of receiving plasmid. Free Overnight-shipping.

3) Cloning and Packaging: Tell us the customized sequence you want to clone into vectors of our advanced and unique CRISPR/GOI Entry vector portfolio ( Click to check details ), or send us your plasmid with target gene in it, or email us with specific request. One-step cloning need 6-10 business days, which includes primer synthesis step. Free Overnight-shipping for domestic customer (U.S.).

4) Trial-Pack Fluorescence AAVOvernight-shipping with dry ice at $49.00.

Efficient and informative:

1) Guaranteed shipping in 10 business days for AAV-packaging and 10 business days for Cloning from day receiving plasmid or order, 5% refunded as credit if delayed;
2) Email-notification (Upon your allowance) for key steps of your rAAV packaging.


How to order? 
1st step: Determine what specific AAV serotype you need. 

There are more than 100 AAV serotypes and variants been discovered or created. We provide the mostly applied AAV serotypes for packaging. Each serotype presents its unique tissue-tropism profile. Until now, AAV9, AAVrh10 and newly emerging AAVPHP.B are ideal for systemically delivery or crossing Blood-Brain-Barrier into brain (basically mouse, AAVPHP.B is not yet examined in Non-Human Primate); AAV DJ is the best choice for in vitro experiment for its broad and high infectiousness in most cell lines. Check Table 1 and Table 2 below as reference for your experiment design (Red mark means highly recommended, but majorly depends on your experiment design), or you can contact us for technical support.


Table1. For in vivo experiment



Table 2. Relative in vitro infectivity *

Note: Infectivity rates normalized to AAV-2 = 100. ND = Not Determined
* Grimm, D. et al. (2008). J. Virol. 82: 5887-5911

- 2nd step: Choose the vector fitting your experiments.  

We have created a portfolio of Entry vectors need only one-step cloning for your experiments: CRISPR-Knock-out, CRISPR-Activation, Gene-Overexpression and shRNA Knock-Down system.  ( Click to check details )


Premade Control/Fluorescence AAVs
shRNA Knock-down
Premade Cre AAVs
Premade Optogenetic AAVs

CRISPR Knock-out

How these vectors play?

CRISPR Gene-Activation

sgRNA (14-16nt) w/MS2 loop + Activation componentes MS2-P65-HSF1

How these vectors play?


shRNA Knock-down