What is AAV?

Adeno-Associated Virus, a small, replication-defective nonenveloped virus has been adapted as the near-perfect gene vehicle rAAV …...

rAAV for Research & Therapy

Featured with lack of pathogenicity, transducing both dividing and quiescent cells, persisting without integration, recombinant AAV has…


CRISPR system, the most powerful genome editing tool. When it combined with AAV, the mammalian experiments become so easy…...

Welcom to the AAV world!

PackGene®Biotech, LLC was founded to world-widely serve large-scale packaging of high quality and purity recombinant AAV, for basic and preclinical research. Large-scale AAV packaging and processing are time- and labor- consuming and requires unique expertise. The founders and consultants of PackGene® are all senior scientists from AAV research and gene therapy fields, with extensive experience with AAV production and research consultancy.
For the convenience of your research work, especially animal experiments, we offer customized AAV vector cloning/packaging services based on our unique Entry vector portfolio. We believe that CRISPR technology combining with AAV vectors can eventually change the concept of in vivo experiment and animal modeling.



Events and news

June 1st, 2016

We are opening now! After 18 months of preparation on establishing entry-level plasmids and SOP, we can fulfill the promise of rapid and stable AAV production. To celebrate this exciting moment, we are now offering 100 credits. The credits will be deposited to accounts opened by December 31th, 2016 and can be used during the ordering. We hope we can help you!